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Our highly successful track record in locating hidden assets, property and valuables throughout the United Kingdom is renowned.

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Find a Persons Assets

UK Private Investigators have a proven and highly successful track record in locating hidden assets, valuables and property in the UK and across the world.

Our UK team of highly experienced asset tracers have many years of experience. Our International asset tracers often works with our overseas associates when local knowledge is required.

We can provide you with the

Information You Need

If you are planning to use the evidence we collect on a person’s assets in an official setting it is important to be provided with the right information.

Our private investigators understand the critical distinction between extracting raw intelligence and delivering solid and reliable evidence, fit for use in a Court of Law.

Why Find Someone’s Assets?

Before embarking on costly litigation to recover property or money claimed, it is essential, and entirely cost effective, to understand if the individual has anything of value available to meet any Judgement secured. Simply put, we must find a persons assets before they can meet the Judgment. Our pre-litigation and asset tracing service is valuable in helping make this determination.  It is important that when someone owes you money, they have the means to pay it back!

Equally, if a Judgement has already been secured then you need to know where the assets are and how they can be secured and released to meet the ruling.

What Is Asset Tracing?

Asset Tracing is the process of identifying property or valuables which clients seek to recover by way of legal process or negotiated settlement. Through finding a persons assets, having tracked down and frozen the items of value in question, negotiated settlement may become an option not previously considered.

So what assets can be traced? These can include real estate, stocks and shares, intellectual property rights and money.

Our Asset Tracing Services

We can find a persons assets in numerous situations:

UK Property assets
Corporate assets and associations.
Assets hidden by ownership by connected individuals, companies or corporate entities.
Offshore assets & property.
Directorships and other assets.

We regularly work with legal and insolvency practitioners along with private clients on complex tracing enquiries.

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