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When choosing a Private Investigator, please do your research. There are many “agencies” who advertise on Google, claiming to have 25 or 30 years of experience but those “agencies” are owned by people who are 30-35 years old….. and have been from the outset.

Think!! If they lie about the length of time they have been trading, can you really trust them? A simple search on Companies House will point you in the right direction. Have they been trading for the time they claim? How old are the owners/directors? Compare that to the claimed years of experience. Have they changed the company name on several occasions? You could also search their domain name on one of the many available websites – this will tell you the history and age of the website address.

UK Private Investigators have a provable 22 years of trading experience (established in 1997) and have owned and run UK Private Investigators, under the same name and using the same domain name, since 1999.

It seems that anyone can make a website, advertise on one of the major search engines and claim to be a Private Investigator. Over the years, we have seen many such “agencies” start up, trade, change their name and start up again within a few days or months. There is always a reason why companies do this and sadly, on many occasions, the reasons are less than honourable.

So, if in doubt, always chose a reputable Private Investigator, which has a provable, traceable and consistent history. Thankfully, there are many of us out there but sadly, there are also many that you should possibly or certainly avoid.

We are actively campaigning for Government licencing of the Investigative sector, which will weed out the fly-by-night “agencies” and unscrupulous owners. However, in the meantime, it really is case of “buyer beware.”


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