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Here at UK Private Investigators, we strive to carry out the most comprehensive insurance fraud investigations in the UK.  Whether it is work based accidents, or post compensation action, we work hard to bring the evidence to prove when someone is claiming for something they are not entitled to.

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It is important that we can detect and prevent people from applying for fraudulently claiming for things they should not have.  We detect patterns and changes in fraudulent behaviour and unlawful actions to help reduce the impact on genuine insurance claimants.

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Understanding what is Insurance Fraud in the UK?

What is Insurance Fraud?


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False insurance claims are thought to cost companies for than £4 million per day.  An estimated 10% of British adults have committed some form of insurance fraud.  Insurance fraud occurs when people effectively scam others by claiming to have had an accident or loss when they have not.  They make a false claim and get the insurance pay-out as compensation for their pretend accident.  It is certainly not a victimless crime – the more fraudulent insurance claims go unchecked, the higher the insurance premiums end up being for everyone.  It also makes it much harder for genuine claimants to get the compensation they truly deserve.

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There are a whole range of insurance fraud activities, from “cash for crash” claims through to workplace accidents and falsely claiming on home insurance.  Cash for crash is proving to be a lucrative scheme for many insurance fraudsters, targeting innocent road users by causing collisions – putting them and others into harm’s way.  Cash for crash scams happen all over the country, with many of these scams being put into place by organised gangs of criminals set on claiming for these false insurance claims.  This is not only dangerous for members of the public, potentially causing serious risk to life, but means the genuine insurance claims have a much tougher time getting through to their compensation.  It also pushes up the cost of insurance for all, as insurers are wary of the cost to compensate people for these false claims.  It is very difficult to prove these cases without good quality evidence.  Home insurance claims might seem small (such as claiming that your wedding ring was lost when you really dropped it down the sink, for example).  These again are not victimless crimes, causing more people to have to pay out more for their insurance coverage.

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On the other side of the coin, there are fraudulent insurance companies, offering deceptively low cost motor insurance which is not genuine.  The scam works by buying policies from real insurance companies using false information, then doctoring the documents before selling on to unwitting customers.

The fake policy documents look genuine but are not worth the paper they are printed on.  If people unknowingly buy fake insurance policies, they could end up in a great deal of trouble, effectively the same as holding no insurance at all.  It could result in the car being seized, a hefty fine and the cost of having to purchase real insurance on top.

Why is Insurance Fraud Important to Investigate?

The quicker we can bring fraudster to justice, the better for everyone – insurance premiums are rising quicker every year because of fraudulent claims, and more people are being put in danger by scams involving real car accidents, fake insurance and dubious compensation claims.

Many insurance fraud situations are incredibly difficult to prove, particularly in the case of the “cash for crash” scams which are sweeping the country.  Without sufficient evidence, it is almost impossible to prove who is at fault in these situations, hence it is vital that if you have your suspicions that someone you know is supporting these scams or involved that you get a reputable investigator to consider the case.  Surveillance evidence is truly invaluable in these sorts of cases, so the sooner we can get involved the better for all parties.

How do We Investigate Insurance Fraud?

While the clear majority of insurance companies carry out their own anti-fraud checks, much of the time there simply is not enough evidence to prove either way whether someone has cheated the system.  If we are hired to investigate suspicions of a fraudulent insurance claim, we use a wide range of surveillance tools along with our highly trained, specialist investigators.  We also use verbal and written accounts of witnesses which are a highly valuable part of the puzzle.  We are fully conversant with the collection, seizure and handling of evidence, in line with the fact the matter might be subject to criminal proceedings.  Whatever the scale of the deception, our skilled team of insurance fraud investigators here at UK Private Investigators are fully capable of dealing with all enquiries using discreet, professional methods to get a successful result for our clients.

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