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When it comes to finding the right private investigators in Belfast, you need an agency you can trust.

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Find a Person

From someone who owes you money, to finding an address, we can help .


Discreet surveillance to check what someone is up to when you aren’t around.

Background Checks

Multi Level background checks to help you make your decisions.

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Belfast Private Detective Agency You Can Trust

When it comes to finding the right private investigators in Belfast, you need an agency you can trust. When trying to find the truth behind any situation, you need specialists that can conduct themselves in a discreet, subtle and ethical manner.

We are one of the biggest and most experienced Belfast private investigation agencies. We treat every case with care, no matter how big or small it may be. If it is important to you, then you can trust us to carry out our investigations with due care and respect.

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Approachable Investigation Services

Of course, if you haven’t used such a service before, everything can seem quite daunting. So, here’s what we offer and how our investigative talents can help you in a variety of difficult situations.

In short, as private investigators in Belfast, we offer the truth. When you have doubts, it’s best to listen to your gut and get a solid, tangible answer. That’s exactly what we specialise in, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Hard Evidence

When you are worried about rumours or doubts – whether its over a possible cheating partner, for example, or an upcoming business investment – it helps to have a definite idea of the situation. Better yet, actual evidence can go a great way to putting your mind at rest.

We understand this, which is why our Belfast private investigators and detectives will obtain the evidence you need through discreet surveillance techniques – this evidence can prove highly useful in whatever direction you choose to go after our investigation.

Wide Scope

As a professional detective agency, we can cover a wide area. While you might be busy with work and other commitments, we have both the time, energy and resources to get to the bottom of any case.

Our agents operate across Belfast and, of course, we have a wider network as well. As such, nothing is out of our reach and we will use all of our resources to find the truth. We can use our extensive local knowledge, in addition to paper trails and other informative leads, to uncover whatever it is you need to know.

Locating People Around Belfast

One common request we also fulfil is tracking down people that are hard to find. There are many situations where this might be worthwhile. For instance, when someone owes you money, its very easy to leave a complex trail that the legal process won’t be able to track, but our investigate talents can easily find where they are hiding.

Likewise, we can determine if someone you meet online is who they claim to be, or if a possible business partner does, indeed, own the business he or she claims to own. In all of these cases, we can trace people to their current address and businesses, so you can know exactly who you are dealing with.

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