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Proof of Cohabiting

Collect the right evidence to prove your case.

Bug Sweeping

Could someone be listening in or watching you?

Dating Scams

Don’t fall victim to an online fraudster with dating scams.

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Bradford Detective Agency You Can Trust

When it comes to finding the right private investigators company in Bradford, you need an agency you can trust. When trying to find the real truth behind any situation, you need specialists that can work in a discreet, subtle and ethical manner.

We are the biggest and most experienced team of Bradford private investigation agencies. We treat every case with care, no matter how big or small it may be. If it is important to you, then you can trust us to carry out our investigations with due care and respect in the fasted possible time.

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Approachable Investigators in Bradford

Of course, if you haven’t used such a service before, everything can seem quite long and overwhelming; you probably have many questions. So, here’s what terms of service we offer and how our investigative talents can help you in a variety of difficult situations.

In short, as private investigators in Bradford, we offer the truth. When you have doubts, it’s best to listen to your gut and get a solid, tangible answer. That’s exactly what we specialise in, so we advise you to get in touch.

Why Use Us

Have you ever had that gut feeling that something isn’t quite right? If you’re feeling pressured or pushed into making a legal decision or any highly important decision, but don’t feel that everything is above board, this is where our Bradford private investigators can help today be the last without answers.

For example, have you met someone online but aren’t sure they are who they claim to be? Does something about them not quite add up? When people won’t answer your questions and withhold basic information, it can be difficult to know who you are dealing with, even when you want to

believe them. Our agency staff can obtain the facts for your advice, letting you know if someone is telling the truth or is being deceitful; giving you the protection and peace of mind that you are safe. This way, you can act with all the relevant information, saving yourself pain and heartache in the future.

This is also the case if you think that your matrimonial partner or casual partner may be cheating on you, or you want to believe some claims a friend or family member may be making. We act with absolute discretion, so you need not worry about our investigation impacting upon your personal life, yet we still deliver the truth you require at an affordable cost.

Bradford Business Investigations

There are many times when private investigators can help your business. We can form an important part of your due diligence, doing in-depth checks to uncover the information and data reports that your potential customers or business partners may be withholding from you.

We can determine if someone has the assets they claim to have if their business is legitimate, whether they can live up to their terms or if any other claims they might make are true or false. This can help you make the best decision before you sign any contracts or make any firm commitments – this is exactly what our company specialise in.

Tracking People

Finally, there are many times when people can disappear and your traditional contact methods no longer work. Whether it’s a lost relative, business partner, matrimonial partner or someone who owes you money, there are few means to reach these people. This is where our investigative talents come into play. Whether they’re still in Bradford, or further afield, our team have the network and skills to do checks for missing people in a large area help to let you know where they are hiding.

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