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Surveillance Services

Need to know what someone is up to behind your back?

Catch a Cheat

Do you suspect your loved one is having an affair?

Find an Address

Find, discover or trace a person’s current address for further investigation.

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Detective Agency in Cambridge

When it comes to finding the right private investigators in Cambridge, you need an agency you can rely on. When trying to find the truth behind any situation, you need a team of specialists that can work in a discreet, subtle and ethical manner.

We are the biggest and most experienced Cambridge private investigation agencies. We treat every case with care, no matter how big or small it may be. Every persons case is different and if it is important to you, then you can trust us to carry out our investigations with due care and respect.

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Investigators Around Cambridge

Of course, if you haven’t used such a service before, everything can seem overwhelming. So, here’s the range of services we offer and how our investigative talents can help you in a variety of difficult situations, none of which require legal action.

In short, as private investigators in Cambridge, we offer the truth. When you have doubts, it’s best to listen to your gut and get a solid, tangible answer. That’s exactly what we specialise in, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Discreet Cambridge Detective Services

All of our clients’ persons private investigations are always completely confidential. This is important as, in most situations, you do not want anyone to be aware of what is taking place. This also allows us to get the best results. If you suspect someone is acting differently when you’re not around (such as a cheating partner), our discreet nature allows us to record and document what occurs when you are not present.

Similarly, this also means that we can present you with the evidence at the end of the investigation, with no other parties being aware. This ensures that what happens next is entirely up to you.

Evidence for Your Cambridge Investigation

Furthermore, we believe in obtaining hard evidence during our investigations in the Cambridge area. This way, you don’t just need to take our word for it: we’ll deliver you the proof that highlights how effective our efforts were. This will rapidly increase the speed in which you solve things like theft and cheating.

Of course, this proof can also be used in any actions you wish to take. Whether you’re dealing with missing persons location or looking into a business-related problem, or dealing with a theft,  being able to support your claims is always important. For example, if you find an employee is taking time off work and you suspect that they are not as ill as they claim, it is our evidence that will enable you to take subsequent action.

Locating People In Cambridgeshire

In addition to all of this, our Cambridge investigation agency can also help find missing people who have become untraceable. People can change their name, address and other details, making it all but impossible for most people to find them.

Whether you’re trying to find a lost friend or family member – or even someone that owes you money – our team can help. While we have many experts located in Sheffield, who can use their local knowledge, expertise and connections, we are also a wider, national agency. We can find people when you cannot. If you need any expert help in theft, finding someone’s location, or some discretion before taking some legal action then email our office to have a chat.

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