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Sometimes the person you least expect can be lying, when this happens you need to know who to turn to.

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Our PI services in Swansea are of the highest quality, we aim to help you find all the answers for your questions.

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Catch a Cheat

Think your partner might be having an affair?

Locate an Address

Find a person’s current address using our indepth services online.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence Investigations before you have to sign any contracts

We’re specialists

Professional Detective Agency Swansea

We are one of the most established private investigator agencies in Swansea. We understand the different needs and problems the people of Swansea may have and no matter how big or small, we treat every case with the professional attitude it deserves.

Whether it’s a personal issue or a commercial case relating to your business, we always act discreetly, ensuring you are the only one aware of our investigation. At the end, we leave you with the irrefutable evidence you need to support your decision.

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Discreet Swansea Private Investigation

There really is nothing better than knowing the truth: it brings with it full clarity and peace of mind. Whether for good or bad, knowing all the facts can let you make the best decisions, avoiding any possible mistakes along the way. When it comes to big commitments and investments, Swansea private investigators can serve a vital role in ensuring everything is exactly as it seems.

Choosing a Detective Agency in Swansea

There are many times when a private investigation can bring many issues to light. Rather than worrying about a possible cheating partner, isn’t it better to confirm or renounce these doubts entirely?

Even if the truth is not as bad as you might have believed, you now know that someone was hiding something from you. What you do with this is up to you, but our investigation can uncover whether someone is being honest or not. When it comes to important life commitments, a private investigator can prove invaluable.

Swansea Business Investigations

Dublin is a thriving hub of business and commerce, with companies both large and small looking to get ahead. However, this also means there are some people who can also not be trusted.

When you’re about to undertake an important business decision, you should ensure everything is as it seems. Our detective work can uncover everything you need to know about an individuals business or assets, or even about the individual in question.

Locating People Around Swansea

We can also help with tracking down individuals as well. When people owe you money, it’s very easy to liquidise the existing company and open up in a new address. Even with the power of the internet, there are still ways to move and remain unseen and few courts, if any, are going to waste resources chasing people down for your recompense.

This, however, is one of the things we specialise in, following the subtle paper trail and using our knowledge of Swansea, and the wider world, to find where they are now operating.

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