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UK Private Investigators

UK Private Investigators can help you find people throughout the United Kingdom. Our tools have enabled us to trace people on a wide variety of data points.
Our skills, experience and multiple non public resources enable us to accurately trace people using minimal details.

Pre-Marital Investigations


Discreet Surveillance services available to book online. With high success rates and hard evidence available, we are renowned for our 1st class surveillance services.


All trackers are fully guaranteed and very easy to use. Contact us with details of your requirements and we will suggest a suitable tracking device for your particular situation.


Believe that you may be on a website or dating someone that is a scam? We can investigate this for you. Speak to a member of the UKPI team today!

Arranged Marriage Investigation


Our Pre-Marital Investigation service is one of our more commonly requested services and we work in conjunction with our International Agents based in the Far East, Asia, India, Pakistan and Russia. This service can also be tailored to include The UK and many other countries.
Our private detectives will complete a full background check on the potential spouse to verify any details they may have told you or your family. Furthermore, we have agents across the world, which means that every single detail requested, can be thoroughly verified.
At the end of our investigation, your private investigator will present you with an extremely detailed report, which will enable you to make an informed decision based on FACT, not just the information they have told you. You can then decide whether to welcome the prospective partner into your family or cancel the marriage. If you wish, you could also conduct background checks of the person in question.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

  • While the misconception with arranged marriages is that they will fail, the majority of arranged marriages are successful. The global divorce rate for arranged marriages ios 6 percent — a significantly low number compared to all marriages in general.

  • We are able to see previous marriages in our background check as every marriage must be consolidated by someone with a marriage license. The same applies for a divorce, allowing us to check somebody's marital status as well as previous marriages.

  • Services like our pre-marital background check allow you to learn everything about your future partner's married life. These checks are generally only done for arranged marriages which allows for any hidden information about your partner to be undercovered at the start of the relationship - however, we do offer background checks for standard marriages as well.

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