How much does a private investigator cost?

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Helping clients find long lost relatives, people tracing, relationship investigations, employee misconduct and much more. See below our private investigator costs.

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Who are UKPI?

We have been providing private investigation services to private, Corporate, legal and commercial clients since 1997. We aim to be highly competitive across all services and pride ourselves on providing the very highest levels of service at a cost that everyone can afford. How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

Private Investigator Fee's

We are a very competitive agency and strive to provide a low cost but highly efective service to all of our clients. All prices detailed are for guide purposes only - please contact us with details of your case/requirement and we will be able to give you an accurate and very cost effective fee quote.

Trace a Person

Find or trace a persons address within hours. All traces are guaranteed for thirty days and are verified against multiple sources prior to completion. Furthermore, ALL traces are conducted on a no success, no fee basis. Get in touch with a member of our team.

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Private Investigator Costs

Low cost and effective - everytime!

  • There are no specific set costs involved with private investigations; there are such a wide variety of cases and requirements, it would be impossible to give a set quote without understanding more about your situation.  We have given approximate costs for private investigator services on this page to help you to gauge the typical prices to be expected.

  • At UK Private Investigators, we offer a huge range of detective services, from background checks and fraud investigations through to vehicle tracking and covert surveillance.  Of course, the costs involved for the different types of investigation will vary depending on the type of service as well as the location and other details of the case.

  • Depending on the type and level of service you require, the amount of money a private investigator costs can vary substantially.  Different agencies have different rates, and each case is unique, bringing different challenges to the table.  We quote in a highly transparent way, and we give examples of the typical costs for different services on this page.

  • The best way to book a private investigator is to use a reputable agency such as UK Private Investigators.  We will agree on the fees for the service you require in advance, and you will receive a fully costed invoice for our services.  We always work hard to stick within your set budget and keep our prices as competitive and affordable as possible.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

Many people assume that private investigator costs are like an 'off-the-shelf' product. No two investigations are the same and as such, may require additional services, time and approach to determine a proven outcome. This is why most investigators can't charge a flat fee for private investigation services.

What does a private investigator do?

The role of a private investigator or commonly known as either a private detective or inquiry agent, is an individual who is hired by another, be it a group, business or another individual to undertake investigative law services. Most of the time our work is directly involved with individuals who are seeking an answer on cheating partners, tracing a missing person and many other scenarios. When we receive your inquiry, a member of our investigation team will be in contact with you to go through the finer elements of what you require, alongside the specific events that we may need to know, depending on your case. Our service is completely confidential, discreet and we will only communicate with you via a method that you are comfortable with.

Prices & Fees

Let’s discuss your case via telephone, whatsapp or email. ALL enquiries and client details are completely confidential.

Surveilance Costs

Our surveillance rates can vary depending on the individual specific requirements. All rates include photographic footage, reports and video evidence where required and are discussed with you before surveillance begins. Our rates are very competitive. Fees start from £ 29.50 per hour.

From £ 29.50 per hour

Process Service

£ between £ 75.00 and £ 175.00 – Fixed fee which now includes mileage, travel time, 3 attempts of service, sworn affidavit or statement of service and return delivery within 48 hours as per standard terms and conditions.

From £ 75.00

People Trace Costs

£ Please contact us (depending on circumstances and location)

From £ POA

Trace a Person / Address

£ from as little as £ 25.00 (BULK trace instructions) – Please contact us for details – Fixed Fee and a fast completion time with guaranteed results. If you instruct us by using the trace form, our standard ( £ 120.00) or quoted fee will apply. Please ensure you are aware of the fee prior to instructing as trace instructions cannot be cancelled. Our no trace no fee service is available for UK based searches AND International searches

From £ 25.00

General Investigation

Rate: £ 35 – 45 per hour – (please contact us to discuss)

From £ 35.00 per hour

Financial Investigations

UK Asset Search £ from £275.00 – costs vary on details required/provided by client – Please contact us

From £ 275.00 Costs vary on details

Background Checks Costs

£ from as little as £ 175.00

From £ 175.00 per check

Enquiry Agent Services

Door Knocks and Verbal Enquiries £ from 35 per hour – Please contact us with your requirements

From £ 35.00 per hour

In or out of office meeting rate

£ 65.00 per hour. ALL enquires and consultations via email/telephone are free.

£ 65.00 per hour

De-Bugging / Counter-Surveillance Sweep

from £ Contact us for details

From £ POA

You can be assured that we will ALWAYS work within your budget and do our VERY best to keep our prices competitive and affordable.

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