How much does a

Private Investigator Cost?

We provide Private Investigator services for individual clients throughout the United Kingdom and the globe. We pride ourselves on a quality service, that is nationally recognised and promoted within the press. Do you want to find the answer to your domestic or commercial issue? Get in touch with us today.

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Providing private investigation services since 1997, with over 2 decades worth of industry experience.

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Private Detective Agency UK

The role of a private investigator or commonly known as either a private detective or inquiry agent, is an individual who is hired by another, be it a group, business or another individual to undertake investigative law services. Most of the time our work is directly involved with individuals who are seeking an answer on cheating partners, tracing a missing person and many other scenarios. When we receive your inquiry, a member of our investigation team will be in contact with you to go through the finer elements of what you require, alongside the specific events that we may need to know, depending on your case. Our service is completely confidential and we provide communicative methods that only you are comfortable with.

Our private investigators who operate globally include the best in the field. With indemnity insurance over £1 million, you know you’re in safe hands when you come to us. Established in 1997 with now over 20+ years’ worth of detective experience, we have assisted in thousands of corporate, legal, private and domestic clients and enquiries and continue to maintain 5* satisfaction service throughout.

  • Global Private Investigators

    We operate throughout the globe, making us one of the largest and most successful private investigation companies.

  • Fully Insured

    Up to £1 million in indemnity insurance, covered across all of our services and processes in our portfolio.

  • 98% Success Rate

    We are proud to operate a 98% success rate across all of our surveillance and PI services in the UK and the world.

  • Affordable & Effective

    Our private investigation services are both extremely effective yet affordable to the domestic markets.

How much do your

Private Investigator Costs?

Our quotations are clear and itemised, providing you with a complete breakdown of how our service is split up. We provide our estimates on a bespoke basis, due to the nature of how our inquiries can differ so greatly for each specific requirement. We thoroughly recommend that new clients allow the time to speak to us, either by telephone or email, which will allow us to fully understand the nature of your issue in allowing us to provide you with the most cost effective solution to your case. Once we review your case, we provide you with an informed indication of expenditure and the estimated timescale that we believe the case will take. We then agree a clear budget with you.

It is important to note that our private investigation services are only offered when we believe we can help you resolve the situation. We would never recommend/provide a service if we didn’t believe it wouldn’t help.

Due to the unique nature of how our service operates, we thoroughly recommend speaking with a member of our support team to provide us with the finer elements of your inquiry. This also allows us the opportunity to go through agreeable actions, time it will take and when you’d like to instruct us to proceed. Our charges are always VERY competitive.


Prices & Fees

  • Surveilance Rate

    Our surveillance rates can vary depending on the individual specific requirements. All rates include photographic footage, reports and video evidence where required and are discussed with you before surveillance begins. Our rates are very competitive. Contact us for details.

  • Process Service

    £ Please contact us – Fixed fee which now includes mileage, travel time, 3 attempts of service, sworn affidavit or statement of service and return delivery within 48 hours as per standard terms and conditions.

  • Tracing & Process Service

    £ Please contact us (depending on circumstances)

  • No Trace No Fee

    £ VERY Competitive – Please contact us for details – Fixed Fee and a fast completion time with guaranteed results. Our no trace no fee service is available for UK based searches AND International searches

  • General Investigation

    Rate: £ (please contact us to discuss)

  • Financial Investigations

    UK Asset Search £ vary on details required/provided by client – Please contact us

  • Background Checks

    £ VERY Competitive

  • Enquiry Agent Services

    Door Knocks and Verbal Enquiries £ Please contact us with your requirements

  • In or out of office meeting rate (new clients only)

    £ 65.00 per hour. ALL enquires and consultations via email/telephone are free.

  • De-Bugging/ Counter-Surveillance Sweep

    from £ Contact us for details

  • You can be assured that we will ALWAYS work within your budget and do our VERY best to keep our prices competitive and affordable.

Let’s discuss your case via telephone or email.  ALL enquiries and client details are completely confidential.

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