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The case studies and testimonials are genuine and have been copied directly from the emails we received from the clients (originals can be viewed at our offices or upon request by email) and are published with the kind permission of the clients involved. Should you wish to view the original, please select one and we will forward this to you. We have the ORIGINAL email for EVERY testimonial that is shown on our website. These are just a few of the many testimonials UK Private Investigators have received over the +25 years that we have been trading. We are quite probably one of the few PI Companies trading in The UK, who can show you genuine testimonials, from GENUINE satisfied clients.

In this day and age, many companies place fake testimonials and reviews on their websites, which cannot be verified – If you are considering hiring a Private Investigator, ask to see the original testimonials – if they cannot show them to you, they may well be fake and the service you receive from the agency will most likely not be satisfactory. Contact us to verify any of the following testimonials and discover why UK Private Investigators are the first choice and very often a repeat choice for clients from across The World.

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Good morning Tim, I hope you are well. I was very impressed with the information you provided for me below and the speed you got it to me.

Jeanne UK - July 2020

I hired Ukpi to trace help trace someone and also perform surveillance on the individual for a couple of days. I was pleasantly surprised with the speed and diligence with which they performed and delivered exactly what they promised. I'll highly recommend their services to anybody.

UK - July 2020

Worth every penny. I wouldn't have known where to start. Thank you. Kind regards.

Ruth UK - July 2020

I recently had a need to trace a very long lost Friend of over 25 Years. I had exhausted all my own Internet searches and decided to try UK Private Investigators using Internet communication . I posed my questions and received a very prompt reply, that it was possible, a fee was quoted and I was given a 24 hour reply window. . I was assured of a professional and discreet response . Which I received within 24 hours. The report produced some unexpected results, which I felt needed further Investigation for myself. . Again UKPI responded and produced a further Report with data taking only a few days . I was very satisfied and will certainly use again. Probably very shortly to expand my knowledge . UKPI Professional, discrete, an acceptable fee base and Customer facing, I could not ask for more .

Mike UK - May 2020

Tim, Many thanks for your services. Very user friendly

Donna E*** UK - April 2020

Thanks for the running around and please stay safe there in London.

Ivan Russia - March 2020

Thank you UK PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS. Fast and professional service. Would absolutely recommend to friends and family. I would never go to anyone else you are amazing at what you do.

Nyala UK - March 2020

Thank you. Will totally recommend you  I have a man who also needs to find someone  so will pass your details over to him. Then I will get in touch with the original PI & request refund. Love you so much & a massive thank you.

Penny L***** UK - March 2020

Dear Tim, Thank you once again for your brilliant service.

Eveline Germany - March 2020

UK Private Investigators provided an excellent service. I found them to be very helpful when finding two people whom I had been trying to find for ages

Melanie UK - Feb 2020

Thank you, UK Private Investigators, for the work you did for me. It took 20 years of searching, but you found him with hours - amazing - we are seeing each other at the weekend.

Andy UK - January 2020

Thank you so much for the report and information , it means a lot to me and I am very grateful to you for your assistance .

Yvonne UK - December 2019

Thanks Tim, good results on this case.

Enzo The Netherlands - December 2019

Hi Tim Many thanks for your reply. I feel better already! I thought it very strange that there was no trace at all online but I needed confirmation to be sure.

Stephen UK - December 2019

Many thanks Tim That is very helpful

Hamish UK - November 2019

Bingo! I went there yesterday and it was the correct address. Many thanks.

Phil UK - November 2019

Hello Tim, Thank you for providing this information so swiftly.

Tom UK - November 2019

Hi,I ‘m very happy about your report top professionals and if I need something i write you immediately.???Warm Regards

Tsvetelin Ukraine - October 2019

Dear Tim, Thank you for the report and excellent service.

Roxanne UK- October 2019

Thank you very much and I can report this now. Really helpful.

Paula UK - October 2019

Thank you for such a speedy response. Your services have been so impressive and comprehensive.

Sarah UK - September 2019

I am impressed. Hope to use your services again in the future.

M****s UK - July 2019

I contacted UK private investigators and had a response within five minutes of my enquiry. My questions were answered and I was filled with hope that I would get what I was looking for. Within 24 hours I had all the information I needed. I found the service excellent. Very prompt, easy to deal with and very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone and I will use again in the future if I need to find out anything. Thanks again!

Ailsa Grindlay UK - June 2019

Well words cannot describe how grateful I am for your services. As impatient as I am you really are the best!!

Emma UK - May 2019

Thank you for your findings and prompt response. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Bill UK - April 2019

Thank you so much for this Tim. This is a huge relief for me. Thank you so much once again.

Mevhish India - April 2019

Found the rest of the info—could not find it without you.

Jan USA - April 2019

Thank you so much for all your help. We have got in touch and sorted out the deeds for my grandmothers grave. Thank you again!

Tilly UK - April 2019

Honestly, I have been searching for years and I was giving up hope. I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to see him after almost 20 years. Thank you very much for everything. This has truly changed my life. Kind regards Nadia

Nadia UK - Jan 2021

Excellent work, thank you Greg

Greg May 2021

Hi Tim That is very useful, appreciate your work, many thanks. Zubair

Zubair UK - April 2021

Thank you for the professionalism and confidentiality.

Ana UK - March 2021

Hi Tim, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work. I am really pleased with the surveillance/report and would definitely use you again and recommend you to others. I will be in touch again for further surveillance. Kind regards, Becky

Becky UK - February 2021

Thank you for a prompt and efficient service Regards Mrs Margaret A

Margaret A UK - February 2021

UK Private Investigators did a brilliant job for me and were professional from the very start. They actually called me once the work had been completed, just to check that I was happy with everything.

Valerie UK - April 2021

I am extremely happy with this company. They finished the work within the agreed time. I found them to be extremely helpful. Furthermore, and most importantly, the report was completely accurate.

Kath UK - April 2021

A brilliant service from UK Private Investigators. They are very nice people and easy to deal with. I received my report within the timescales they quoted, and the details in my report were accurate.

Charles A UK - April 2021

Fantastic service! Thank you so much! I have no idea how you completed the work so quickly, but I now have my relative's address - we have not, seen each other for many years! Thank you for a highly professional, efficient, very helpful and utterly super service.

Harvey UK - April 2021

A very quick service. This company assisted me identify a particular person within a very short time, after so much unsuccessful searching myself.

Johnathan UK - February 2021

I was amazed by how speedy UK Private Investigators were. The report was received in less than 24 hours, where others had quoted me days (and others were more expensive)!

M A UK - February 2021

Thank you for the work you have done for me. I cannot thank you enough! Juliet


A fantastic service and very helpful people. I think you have saved me from a lot of heartbreak!


A simply brilliant service and I would definitely use again!

Rachael D

Thank you for the work you guys did for me. The report was spot on - all checked out, thank you.


I was defrauded by someone online. UKPI not only found the person, but passed their file to the police, who arrested the person and I even got most of my money back!

We cannot thank UK Private Investigators enough. Their Fraud investigation uncovered a huge issue, which, with their help, has been addressed and fully resolved.

All the above testimonials, reviews and case studies have been published with the permission of the client involved. The original copies are held in our offices and can be viewed upon request.

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