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  • Asian Voice - The new ‘Arranged Marriage Investigations Service’
  • Asian Image - Firm launches new ‘Arranged Marriage Investigations Service’ for families
  • The Times - Search for right boy goes undercover.
  • The Independent - Junior surveillance: the ultimate service for paranoid parents.
  • The Guardian - Work of a Private Investigator more mundane than murky.
  • The Express - Vernon and Tess Kay, the seven year itch?
  • The Guardian - Another view on Jack Taylor.
  • The Courier - Just nosy by nature.
  • FHM magazine Upgrade - section and a feature article.
  • .Net magazine - The Spying Game.
  • T3 magazine - My tech life.
  • Prima magazine - Me and my Private Detective.
  • Internet magazine - Super Sleuths.
  • Kerrang magazine - Tim Lembesis guilty.

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