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UK Private Investigators is a top-tier agency that provides an abundance of services related to private investigation in Leeds. With a comprehensive network of agents working in the area, we are always available to help you with your needs through our online 24/7 find a person services. We have experts on call who specialize in all areas of investigation, from finding a persons address to uncovering infidelity and discreet surveillance, and much more. When individuals in Leeds are searching for a skilled private detective firm, we get approached by them all the time. Our data protection ensures that you will not be identified as the client hiring a private investigator throughout our investigation. Missing persons cases, investment fraud investigation, online dating checks and other services are just a few of our services.

Background Checks

Do you need to know who someone really is? Our In-Depth Background Check Investigations WILL provide you with a wealth of information.

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100% Confidential

Catch a Cheating Partner

Services Starting from £25.00

Background Check Services


We have agents stationed worldwide to give you a dependable, low-cost, and customised Private Investigator service. Most clients are serviced in under 24 hours by our private detectives in Leeds. We only cooperate with the finest examiners and investigators who render comprehensive services that are professional and discreet—helping you get to the solution of your case quickly.

Our company employs agents in every area so that we will have experts familiar with your local area to work on your case. With their intimate knowledge of London as well its surrounding towns and villages, our team can fully understand your issue and get to the bottom of it quickly.

Some of our most satisfied customers come from Leeds. They sought us out for answers and got results, quickly and efficiently. Our testimonials attest to the quality of our private investigation services- thorough and reliable.

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Licensed Private Investigators Leeds

Private Investigator Services

Find a Person

Use our services to find a person that you can't on your own

Tracing Debtors

Locate debtors with our specialist debt tracing agents

Relationship Investigatons

Verify your partner's loyalty with our relationship investigation service

Discreet Surveillance

Investigate with stealth - we are discreet in our surveillance and investigations

Due Diligence

We take reasonable steps to ensure you avoid committing any offense.

Process Serving

Experienced & efficient fixed price process servers

Background Checks

Our expert background checks can protect your interests

Dating Site Scams

Take steps to protect yourself against romance scams

Insurance Claim Investigations

Fraudulent insurance claims are a growing problem throughout the UK

Data Retrieval

Get important information that could help you, but isn't accessible to you

Pre-Marital Investigations

Be sure you know who you are marrying before you make such a big commitment

Many Other Services

We offer many other services from our expert private investigators


We know that hiring a private investigator can be intimidating if you've never done it before. Many people worry about what to expect and how the process works. At our agency, we pride ourselves on being understanding and helpful so that you feel comfortable working with us. We know that many of our clients priority is discretion, which is why we offer a fast and reliable service. We work quickly and effectively to gather evidence to support your case. Our agents are specialists in covert surveillance and our film and audio footage is certainly useful when making a case against another person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Legally we can not force anybody to talk in order to help our surveillance, however, over the years we have gained a number of connections throughout the country which allows us to obtain information on a person's actions and movements without being identified as carrying out any form of surveillance.

  • We understand how challenging it can be to get the evidence required to prove when your partner has been cheating on you. Usually, our gut feelings are correct, so trust in a professional agency to get the evidence you need to catch a cheater.

  • We offer a wide variety of tracking devices which all come with their pros and cons depending on their intended use. A small device is a good idea if you need to track something which can be an obvious tracker, such as a car or backpack. For more discrete tracking devices, we offer incognito devices such as a GPS belt.

  • We can generally trace anyone, anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

  • We provide a thirty day refund or retrace guarantee.



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