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Unparalleled access to our advanced find an address service, reporting a 98% success rate on discovering the correct and current address for all trace inquiries or reverse phone lookup via our Private Investigator service.
Unlike the vast majority of so called tracing companies, we do NOT simply rely on voting data, which can often be extremely out of date. Instead we utilise some of the most accurate sources available, which will give you the persons current or new address – even if the person has only recently moved into a property. We can also trace a person by address and trace a person by telephone, giving a high success rate regardless of the information you have.

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We can trace people nationwide with our network of contacts throughout the country. We can start the person trace with as little information as a full name and last known address but sometimes may require a little more. Click here

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Need help in locating someone? Use our trace a person by telephone service. Our telephone number tracing service will provide you with the name and address of the person within a few hours. Click here

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Do you need to know who someone really is? Our In-Depth Background Check Investigations WILL provide you with a wealth of information..


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Haven't found someone on the electoral roll? We can trace a person within a few hours, providing you with their CURRENT address and MUCH more..

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Trying to find a person with only limited information can seem like a huge task but with the right tools and techniques you should be further on your way. Of course, the best and easiest way to find a person is to hire the services of an experienced private detective!

Knowing a few bits of information about the person you are trying to find can ensure that WE can find the person for you in the shortest amount of time:

  • Their full name, any nicknames they go by or married names they use

  • Their date of birth or at least their age if you don’t know the full date of birth
  • Any addresses that might be associated with them, even if not their current address
  • Do they have a family – are they married, or have children
  • What business do they work for, or which industry are they known for working in?
  • Any email addresses or phone numbers you have for them
  • Any other key pieces of information such as if they play for a local football team or won a sports tournament
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How we trace a Person

Using the internet can be a useful first starting point to help you find a person. If you search for the full name of the person you are looking for, try to see if any of the search results come up with similarities to the information you already know about them. If you know that your missing person worked as a roofing contractor and “John Smith roofing services” comes up, it could well be the same person. You can perform similar searches using social media platforms too..

The electoral roll free to check through your local borough. The version available to the public to view does not have the full details of every single person, as the full version is only available to the government. The free edited version may have some useful information within it though.

If the methods above are not fruitful, we would suggest that you should pass your search onto our professional team. UK Private Investigators have access to the right tools and techniques to be able to find people using very minimal information – we can trace a person by address, trace a person by telephone, or even using just a name. Get in touch with our team today to start finding that missing person!

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Process of tracing a person

UK Private Investigators have the ability to find people with just a few pieces of information - but it takes skill and experience. We can get started by using only a name, or if you have more specific information, it can give us some additional leads as to where someone might be located! There are several ways in which we can trace a person, but some of the most common include:

  • Checking electoral roll data
  • Conducting detailed searches of non public information
  • Searching through social media platforms
  • Investigating prior addresses, telephone numbers and other data sources

Once we have the relevant information, our team of experienced private detectives will begin carrying out the necessary searches using our own in-house tools and software in addition to other techniques to find the person you are looking for. We always work with a focus on speed and accuracy so that you can get the answers you need as quickly as possible.


Prices of tracing a person

The costs for tracing a person can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of work that needs to be carried out by our investigators. We can usually trace anyone within a 24-hour period. We always endeavour to provide a competitive price and will always offer an initial consultation where we can begin gathering the information required for your case. This can be face to face, or via email or telephone.
We have extensive experience in private detective work, and have great success in locating people, tracing people and finding missing people. We are committed to providing a first class service combined with value for money for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Our fees for finding a person start from as little as £ 45.00 if you send a bulk instruction of ten or more. For single cases, we charge a fixed fee, which is extremely competitive – please contact us with details of your particular case and we will provide you with an extremely competitive quote.

  • Yes, each case is handled by an experience and specialist tracing agent. The person being traced will not be aware of the case at any stage – this is particularly important when trying to find someone who owes money. Many companies use methods that leave a footprint, thus alerting the person to the fact that someone has been trying to find them. Our methods are completely discreet and guaranteed to be accurate.

  • After the initial consultation, which can take place via email, face to face or telephone, we will ask you to complete a short form. There are certain details that we need in order to be able to find the person for you. Once we have received the form, our specialist tracers get to work and within a few hours, will contact you to let you know that they have found the person.

  • We can generally trace anyone, anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

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