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UK Private Investigators are among the top process servers within the United Kingdom.

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Every successful instruction is accompanied by an Affidavit of Service and Certificate of Service, guaranteeing peace of mind.

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You can be assured that we will take every possible action in our efforts to ensure that you receive a prompt and successful service. UK Private Investigators are among the top Process Servers in the UK and are the primary contact for many solicitors seeking a reliable and efficient Process Serving throughout The UK and The rest of The World. Every successful instruction is accompanied by an Affidavit of service, Certificate of Service or a Statement of Service where applicable.

Do I need a

Process Serving Service?

Process serving is where important or legal documents are specially delivered to protect the documents.  A Process Server is an individual who serves Court Orders and other legal documents. Many of these documents can not simply be posted so the Process Server will hand deliver the documents to the address for service.

Discounted Process Serving Process

Our discount scheme includes your whole company, including other departments and branches, and your discount is calculated on the number of instructions provided within a calendar month.

Once you reach a discount level, it is automatically allocated to each instruction received for the remainder of that month, and the whole of the following month.

5-10 instructions – 5% Discount

11-20 instructions – 10% Discount

21-35 instructions – 15% Discount

36+ instructions – 20% Discount

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