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Do you need to trace a persons address?

Our highly successful track record in tracing addresses for people in The UK and overseas is renowned.

We can help you


UK Private Investigators have a proven and highly successful track record in tracing addresses for people in the UK and across the world. If you want to trace a person and don’t have their address, try our tracing a person by telephone service.

Our team of highly experienced UK address tracers have many years of industry experience. Our International address tracers can find any address, anywhere in The World.

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Discover A Missing

The challenging task of finding a missing person is one we are faced with a lot.

People Tracing

We can trace people nationwide with our network of contacts throughout the country.

Trace A Person
By Telephone

Need help in locating someone? Use our trace a person by telephone service.

Trace A Person
By Address

Need to find the location of a person via their address? We can help.


Did you know that 98% of our people searches are successfully closed within a 24 hour period…

Before embarking on costly litigation to recover property or money claimed, it is absolutely essential, and entirely cost effective, for you to have the correct address for the person. Simply put, we must find a person’s current address before they can be pursued for a debt. Our pre-litigation and address tracing service is essential in cases such as debt enforcement.

Or perhaps you need to trace a person because you wish to get back in touch with them. This could be an old friend or family member. Once again, in these cases is it crucial that you obtain an accurate and current address for the person. We utilise multiple, VERY reliable and accurate sources and on many occasions, our address tracing team will make discreet local enquires to confirm an address, prior to reporting. If you don’t have the information needed, we also offer a trace a person by telephone service.


Address Tracing is the process of obtaining an persons current residential address for the purpose of enforcing a debt or getting in touch with an old friend, family member or someone else. We are generally supplied with a name and other details concerning the person. We will then use these details to confirm the persons current address. In addition to the person’s address, we can usually supply contact numbers, email addresses and other useful information


We can trace a person’s address in numerous situations:

  • Trace an address for an old friend
  • Trace a debtors address
  • Trace a family member
  • Trace someone who owes you money
  • Trace a missing person
  • We regularly work with legal practitioners along with private clients on complex address tracing cases.

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