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Unparalleled access to our advanced find an address service, reporting a 98% success rate on discovering the correct and current address for all trace inquiries or reverse phone lookup via our Private Investigator service.

Unlike the vast majority of so called tracing companies, we do NOT simply rely on the electoral roll voting data, which can often be extremely out of date. Instead we utilise some of the most accurate sources available, which will give you the persons current or new address – even if the person has only recently moved into a property

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Do they have any hidden assets? Are you seeking help and assistance on finding a persons assets? Speak to us.


Do you need to know who someone really is? Our In-Depth Background Check Investigations WILL provide you with a wealth of information.


Cohabitation investigations are conducted for a number of reasons. Solicitors often require this service to support their client in post-divorce maintenance payment cases and financial settlement cases. Private Clients also require this service for the same reasons.

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Finding a person's address online

If you need to find a persons address, our advanced people search address finder service will provide you with a current address for the person you are seeking, anywhere in The UK or overseas.

You can try to uncover information on a search engine to work on discovering any contact information about the person you’re looking for, but this will typically result in little to no information. We can start the address trace with as little information as a full name but sometimes may require a little more. However if you are in need of searching for a persons assets or to find information about someone, try out find a persons assets people search. Learn more about our Find a Person, Find a Persons Assets and Trace Someone Who Owes Money services.

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How to find a person’s address

So, you have a name, but you need to find their address in the UK?
The first tip of advice to finding the person is to search on social media. Although this may seem like a weak solution, it is very possible to find who you’re looking for across a range of social media platforms. These can include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp. On Facebook and Instagram if you attempt to send them a message it is likely that they will not see it as they need to accept your follow request or add them as a friend.

If you can’t find the person you are looking for by searching their name, then think of mutual friends and check if the person you are looking for is on their friends list.
If you do not know the name of the person you’re looking for, then it is possible to try a reverse phone lookup. This will give you the name and current address of the person associated with a specific phone number.
Even after all these methods you are still struggling to find the person and current address you’re looking for, then it is probably time for you to contact UK Private Investigators. Here at UKPI we have access to databases that are not available to the public. We hold years of experience in locating people and depending on the situation, it is possible we can trace a person’s address within minutes or hours of beginning our search.

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When to look for a person’s address

You might be looking for an old friend, serving legal papers on them or trying to track down your missing relative. Maybe you need the current address so that collection proceedings can begin!

If people owe money - whether it's loans from family members which they have defaulted upon; outstanding debts owed by friends who refuse payment despite repeated warnings regarding their responsibility toward this debt—you'll want access to where these individuals live, which may not be immediately accessible to the public. Our team at UK Private Investigators have all the tools at their disposal to make finding a current address easier and faster. Speak to us today to begin your people search.


Best ways to find a current address for someone?

Whether you need to reconnect with an old friend, verify someone’s credentials, or have another reason to discover someone's current address, you can achieve this without direct contact. Utilising a combination of tools and approaches such as people search services, address search features, and public record databases, your search can yield effective results.

By accessing online people directories, engaging advanced search capabilities, or checking the electoral roll, you can locate names and addresses efficiently. Social media platforms also serve as a rich source of information, where profiles might reveal email addresses or even phone numbers. Additionally, for more targeted searches, services like reverse phone lookups can help you find UK-based people or others worldwide by entering a phone number. Use these strategies responsibly to ensure privacy and legal guidelines are met whilst gathering the information you need. Remember, thorough research helps enhance the accuracy and success of your findings.

Find a person

Finding someone’s current address can feel tricky, but you have a few good options to try. Start with public records such as voter lists or property records. If that doesn't work, asking friends and family could help, as they might know the person’s latest address. If you still haven't found the address, searching on social media or using online search sites like can be really useful. These sites are quick and tend to be pretty accurate.

Find an address for a person

These days, finding where someone lives has become easier with social media. Begin your search on sites like Facebook or Twitter. You can also use various online databases and search engines that are designed to help find people’s addresses. If you know the area where the person might be, search through public records or look at property listings. If you're struggling to find the right details, just using the person’s name or job might help you get started. Keep trying, and good luck with your search!


There are several ways that you can find a current address for someone. Some of the methods that you can use are as follows: - Search online databases - Check public records - Ask friends and family - Check social media sites - Use reverse phone lookup services - If all else fails, speak to us as we are people finding specialists.


Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Whilst a basic internet search can sometimes provide limited information about a person, our searches go far deeper and use the latest tools and systems to locate the full current address of a person. It is far more information than you may find on the electoral roll, for example!

  • There are several occasions when we may find we need to locate someone’s address. For instance, a lost relative, missing heirs or beneficiaries, old friends you have lost touch with or even debtors who owe you money. We can find people who are otherwise difficult to locate.

  • We can provide a quote for the service, as it depends on numerous factors. It is important to know that we do not ask for upfront payment, nor do you pay until we have found the person. We work to a “no success, no fee” basis on all UK and overseas locates.

  • Yes, it is legal to hire a private investigator, but why you want to hire one and how the investigation is conducted will decide whether or not there are illegalities involved. Any private investigator or private detective with a moral compass will not engage in illegal investigations.

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