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Do you need to find or trace a person’s current address?

Unparalleled access to our advanced find an address service, reporting 98% success rate on discovering the correct and current address for all trace inquiries or reverse phone lookup via our Private Investigator service. Unlike the vast majority of so called tracing companies, we do NOT simply rely on voting data, which can often be extremely out of date. Instead we utilize some of the most accurate sources available, which will give you the persons current or new address – even if the person has only recently moved into a property. We are also able to carry out background checks on individuals for results listed in a directory.

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  • FULLY Confidential
  • 23+ Years Experience
  • Background Checks & More

We find you the persons CURRENT address, within 24 hours, in all cases and scenarios.

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Are they who they say they are?


Do they have any hidden assets?


Are they cheating the system?

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If you need to find a persons address, our advanced address finder service will provide you with a current address for the person you are seeking, anywhere in The UK or overseas. You can try to uncover information on a search engine to work on discovering any contact information about the person you’re looking for, but this will typically result in little to no information. We can start the address trace with as little information as a full name but sometimes may require a little more. However if you are in need of searching for a persons assets or to find information about someone, try out find a persons assets search.

We find CURRENT addresses for missing persons, missing heirs and beneficiaries, addresses for old friends, lost relatives, debtors and generally find people who are difficult to find.

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At UK Private Investigators we are so confident in our ability to find a high percentage of peoples addresses where others have failed that we offer a no success, no fee service on all UK and overseas address locates. NO upfront payments are taken – you only pay once we have found the person. our service enter terms will allow us to view results in listed directory.

We are confident that we can help in your situation so please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Each address trace is handled proficiently and efficiently by one of our highly trained, and experienced in-house tracing team who will keep you regularly informed of progress and who will be actively working on searching for people. All enquiries are dealt with in a highly confidential manner.

  • High Success Rates
  • Up-to-date Information and Resources
  • Affordable Expert Tracing Services
  • Highly Confidential

For our enquiries to find a persons address, we use the very latest information systems and other discreet resources, which are NOT simply based on The Voters Roll. Because of this, we have a reputation for excellence, accuracy and subsequently, a higher than average success rate, which is currently at 98% (latest update 15 January 2019).

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We can usually find a persons address within 24 hrs.

  • Fast Tracking Services
  • Reliable and Accurate Tracing
  • Discreet Sources
  • Highly Accurate Databases

We find people faster because, as professional private investigators, we have access to databases and other reliable and accurate resources not available to the general public or many other “tracing companies.” The databases we use are more accurate and up to date than those available in the public domain. In addition to this, we also utilise a wide variety of discreet sources and localised enquiries.​ We do not provide criminal records in our lookups and if this is a service you are looking for, we recommend a confidential chat with us.

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Along with the persons current address and potential address history (if applicable), we will supply you with a telephone number and email address for them, where available. We will also tell you who else lives at the address.

  • Detailed Reports
  • Wide Range of Information
  • Extra Information Free of Charge
  • E-mail and Telephone Number Supplied

In addition to these details, we will include other information concerning the individual such as employment (where available), property ownership, marriages and more – FREE of charge

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Did you know that 98% of our address finding case are successfully closed within a 24 hour period…

  • 98% Success Rate Globally
  • Low Cost & Affordable Services
  • Fully Accredited & Qualified operatives
  • Highly Recommended

UK Private Investigators have a proven and highly successful track record in finding addresses, hidden assets, valuables and property in the UK and across the world.

Our UK team of highly experienced tracers have many years of experience. Our International tracers often work with our overseas tracing agents when local knowledge is required.

Whilst a basic internet search can sometimes provide limited information about a person, our searches go far deeper and use the latest tools and systems to locate the full current address of a person. It is far more information than you may find on the electoral roll, for example!

There are several occasions when we may find we need to locate someone’s address. For instance, a lost relative, missing heirs or beneficiaries, old friends you have lost touch with or even debtors who owe you money. We can find people who are otherwise difficult to locate.

We can provide a quote for the service, as it depends on numerous factors. It is important to know that we do not ask for upfront payment, nor do you pay until we have found the person. We work to a “no success, no fee” basis on all UK and overseas locates.

4 Reasons to Choose Us

We have one of the largest and most prolific network of agents ready to take your case and to find the truth.

ALL of our services are not only highly discreet but our private investigation work is carried out to the highest standard seen in the industry.

UK Private Investigators are able to supply 100% irrefutable evidence where necessary to help you prove your case.

Professional and approachable investigatory teams at affordable prices - a 98% overall success rate globally.

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