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Investment Fraud Investigation

Investment fraud investigations are carried out for investors who worry that their capital is at risk within an illegal or illegitimate offering. These investigations are also conducted for victims who have been affected and are seeking financial compensation from either collapsed or corrupt schemes. Here at UKPI we specialise in conducting these investigations on your behalf.

Stages of Investment Fraud Investigations

Fraud Examination

At this initial stage of the investigation, we identify if there is evidence of investment fraud. We also confirm how the scheme was perpetrated and the resulting losses are documented. Lastly, the responsible parties are identified.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

This stage of the investigation is where the backgrounds of the responsible parties and their parent companies are investigated. We search for their criminal history, credentials and any other relevant information.

Financial Recovery

We locate the company’s assets and accounts so that they can be redistributed to compensate the client in the post judgement process.

Cooperating with the Authorities

Identifying Investment Fraud and Bond Fraud

Investment fraud will usually follow a similar pattern. Being able to recognize these patterns and the common types of investment fraud are crucial in preventing and further investigating fraud before it occurs. The types of investment fraud include:

  • Microcap and penny stock fraud
  • Prime bank fraud
  • Renewable energy
  • Affinity fraud
  • Pump and dump
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Precious metals fraud
  • Foreign currency exchange fraud

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