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Tenancy Fraud Investigations: What Can You Expect From A Professional Investigation?

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Resolving Housing Issues for Landlords

When you're a landlord, it's important to be aware of tenancy fraud - any act or attempt to deceive or mislead you into giving someone your rental property is tenancy fraud and can lead to serious consequences. As a private investigator, my job is to help landlords identify tenancy fraud and protect their property.

In this blog post, I'll outline the different types of tenancy fraud and the process we use to investigate them. I'll also discuss the various evidences that we collect in tenancy fraud investigations and how we use them to build a case against the tenant. Finally, I'll provide you with a conclusion on what you can expect from a professional tenancy fraud investigation. Hope this blog post gives you a better idea of what to expect from us when it comes to tenancy fraud investigations!

How to Deal with Tenancy Fraud

Gathering Evidence

Tenancy fraud investigations can be a time-consuming and complex process. That's why it's important to choose a professional investigator who has the necessary tools and knowledge to get the job done right. They will collect all the relevant evidence, and use it to build a strong case against the perpetrator.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Preventing fraud in the first place may save money in the long run. As social housing landlords will understand, regaining possession or pursuing other legal action against a staff or supplier involved in a fraud is difficult and expensive. Fraud has an impact beyond financial loss; it can damage an organization's reputation and ability to develop new homes.

Audits are not Enough

Tenancy audits rarely stop fraud from happening. If a tenant knows when an inspection is going to happen, then it's not hard for them to be at the property during that time. Unannounced tenancy checks may require more resources upfront if the real tenant isn't home during the first visit, but if they're consistently absent after that point, it could provide essential evidence in trying to get possession of the property back.

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Once the evidence is gathered, the investigator will analyse and interpret it for use in court proceedings. So, if you're a tenant who has been the victim of tenancy fraud, make sure to seek professional help as soon as possible!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tenancy Fraud FAQ

  • A tenancy investigation can help you prevent tenancy fraud from happening in the future. This includes anything from rent arrears to dodgy rental agreements. By knowing this information, you'll be better equipped to take appropriate action, like issuing a warning letter or taking legal action if necessary. A professional investigative service will help you identify any illegal or irregular behavior on the part of the tenant. By uncovering tenancy fraud, they can also prevent other people from being scammed in the future.

  • There are a few common reasons for tenancy fraud and one of the most common ways perpetrators get away with it is by making false claims to have a disability, pretending to be someone else, or inflating rent prices. Often times, a professional investigator will carry out comprehensive investigations in order to identify the perpetrator and recover any lost funds. In some cases, the investigator may also be able to prosecute the perpetrator.

  • Depending on the specifics of your tenant investigation case, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. This price will vary depending on the length of tenancy, number of properties involved, complexity of the case, and other factors. Your investigator will compile all relevant documentation and evidence related to your tenant case before making a recommendation. The more detailed the investigation, the higher the cost will be. In general, you should expect to receive a comprehensive report that contains all the information and findings necessary to make an informed decision about your tenant situation.

  • Yes, professional tenant investigators are skilled in tracking down missing rent payments and other signs of fraudulent activity. As a result, their services can be extremely beneficial to landlords. Professionally investigating a tenant's rental history can help landlords determine whether they're owed any money or if there may be any other signs of fraud or illegal activity. In most cases, the investigator will work with the landlord to address any issues they uncovered during their investigation. The investigator can also compile a report that includes the results of their investigations and any recommendations they may have. This document can be valuable information for both the landlord and the tenant, helping to resolve any disputes or problems that may have arisen.

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