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Fraudulent benefit claims and landlord investigations also available on request.

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Cohabitation Investigations

Cohabitation investigations are conducted for a number of reasons. Solicitors often require this service to support their client in post-divorce maintenance payment cases and financial settlement cases. Private Clients also require this service for the same reasons.

Local authorities frequently request this service for fraudulent benefit claims and landlords and letting agents request the service when they suspect their tenants of living with a third party who is not on the tenancy agreement.

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Cohabitation Case Manager

We understand that every case is very different so each case is appointed a highly experienced case manager who will discuss your circumstances and advise you of the best course of action to prove cohabitation.

Comprehensive Cohabitation Report

Our proof of cohabitation reports contain photographic evidence and a very detailed report, including any additional evidence gathered from other sources.

In cases where you are due a maintenance payment review hearing and you suspect that your ex partner may be cohabiting do not leave it too late to contact us as the judge will expect to see evidence gathered on three separate visits. The longer the time between visits the more chance you have that the judge will accept cohabitation is taking place. We generally conduct surveillance over two to three weeks, which has proven to be highly successful and satisfactory to The Court.

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