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Why use our private investigator background check services?

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UK Private Investigators

Private Investigator Background Checks provided by UKPI. 

Utilising one of the largest UK databases and other non-public sources, we have provided effective screening information on individuals since 1997. Whether you’re seeking a background investigation for legal employment, criminal record checks, credit checks, pre-employment screening, social media verification or any other investigation, speak to a member of our team today.

Background Checks for Anyone

These checks can include social media screening, credit and credential verification, checking personal references, right to work, DVL and public safety verifications.

Investigate An Absent Employee

Fraudulent employee absence is unfortunately on the rise following COVID and new working-from-home conditions. We can help bring irrefutable evidence to the table.

Find A Person Online

UK Private Investigators can help you find people throughout the United Kingdom or throughout the globe. Our tools have enabled us to trace people on a wide variety of data points.

Types of Online Background & Criminal Record Checks

No matter the role you applied for, employers are able to run a check on someone’s criminal record. Employee criminal background check services fall under the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS Checks). 

Ensure that there are no ugly surprises like an unknown criminal record. With criminal background checks, you’re ensuring that you make the best possible decision by reviewing all the data you have available before hiring someone.

Due diligence and completing employment checks is easy with assistance from UK Private Investigators. Our background checking services in the UK are easy, quick, and inexpensive.

Hiring the wrong people could do more than just risk internal fraud or income loss — it can also affect the reputation of many organisations. Potential new employees may not be truthful on their resume and receiving fraudulent identification could cause damage to organisations that may take a while to repair. 

A DBS check is designed to check whether someone has any spent and unspent convictions. There are many ways that people can have valid reasons for why obtaining a DBS check would benefit them personally in some way for example, if certain disabilities prevent holding an actual job. 

Has a new person come into your family? Is your son or daughter dating someone you don’t feel comfortable with? Perhaps you have been chatting with someone on a dating site and are now thinking of taking the relationship to the next level.

If any of these scenarios apply, one of our discreet and comprehensive background checks will give you the peace of mind and security you deserve and allow you to make the right decision based on FACTS. Contact us today to see how we can help you by completing a basic check on an individual. 




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Success rate in background searches.

Conducting a check on someone’s background in the UK has become increasingly popular amongst the public throughout the last decade. The valuable information that is gleaned from these checks is starting to hold true to organisations, individuals, and industries who now see its true worth. Whether these searches are conducted for personal or corporate reasons, they ultimately allow the user to make smarter, better and more informed decisions on a broad range of subjects. With fraud on the rise, it also allows for increased security for businesses, educational institutions or individuals who work in the UK government.


Upon first meeting an individual, you have no source of information about them other than what they choose to tell you. This holds true for potential business partners, tenants, life partners, company employees, and those employed in certain roles such as housekeepers and care providers for the young and elderly.

Background checks can be utilised to obtain a broad range of information about a requested individual. It’s often used for financial services, court records, criminal checks or for those who simply require that extra peace of mind. Discover if the person who you’re dealing with is the right one. Contact us today for secure background-checking services.


Our detailed pre-screening, DBS checks, and historic checks provide you with all the information you require to make an informed decision on your situation. Whether you are looking to recruit new staff and need a job screening, or you have entered into a new relationship and need to check for a criminal record, we can help you uncover the truth behind any person. We operate throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, so it does not matter where the subject is currently living or has resided in the past.



  • Current Address and Telephone Number.
  • Recent address history.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Aliases.
  • Births related to the person.
  • Marriages.
  • Property Ownership.
  • Estimated property values.
  • Bankruptcies and County Court Judgments.
  • Relatives information.
  • Roommates and neighbours.
  • Employment history.
  • Divorces.
  • Personal Assets, where possible.
  • Businesses live and failed.



  • Current Address and Telephone Number.
  • Recent address history.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Aliases.
  • Births related to the person.
  • Marriages.
  • Property Ownership.
  • Estimated property values.
  • Bankruptcies and County Court Judgments.
  • Relatives information.
  • Roommates and neighbours.
  • Employment history.
  • Divorces.
  • Personal Assets, where possible.
  • Businesses live and failed.
  • Press, media and internet history.
  • Previous address and linked address searches.
  • Professional capabilities.
  • International sanctions list checks.
  • Criminal record check.

With our enhanced background check, our customers can add ANYTHING else to the list , and these additional checks will be FREE of CHARGE unless advised otherwise.

Employee Background & Screening Checks

A criminal record check can help you identify any potential threats and prevent employee theft and other criminal activity. To make sure you’re getting the most comprehensive and accurate background check possible, you should also conduct a credit history check and a national security clearance check on all new hires. Additionally, make sure you’re doing everything possible to keep your business safe, like using a secure email server and up-to-date antivirus software.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your employee background check today!


Our detailed background checks provide you with all the information you require to support informed decision-making. Whether it’s for organisations or individuals, by using a background check investigator, you’ll receive the relevant data and documentation to move forward with confidence.


Have you ever been worried about potential company candidates? Do you want to ensure that these people are qualified and trustworthy? If so, you’ll need to get a background check. By doing this, you can make sure that you employ someone you can trust and won’t cause any problems for you or your organisation. There are many different types of reviews you can do, so it’s important to find the one that’s right for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about the way we carry out and the different types of checks that are available.


Background Checks For Employers

Employers should always perform the necessary screening on their potential employees to ensure the safety of both employees and the company. Background checks can help you review any information relevant to the position. By doing this, an employer can protect themselves from potential liability issues and ensure that their security is always up to date. 

With our background check services for employers, you can find out everything about a potential applicant or director candidate without ever having to ask them any personal information.

Social media accounts often reflect real-life behaviour. You can see what’s going on inside someone’s head, and this will give insight into how trustworthy or unreliable they might turn out to be.

It’s important to remember that background checks aren’t just for large companies — even small businesses should be taking precautions regarding certain roles and processes. By conducting regular background checks, you’ll be able to identify any potential problems early on and take appropriate action.

All it takes is one short conversation with our team of investigators to receive the data and tools to help you confidently choose who should be part of your team!

Pre-Employment Screening
Records on Job Candidates

We know that applicants want to impress employers, and they might even be willing to take advantage of a job opportunity by exaggerating their qualifications or accomplishments. Our background check services authenticate details regarding time spent in both work AND school — distinguishing between an unqualified fantasist and a true high-flyer!

Recent studies reveal that 92.5% of Brits have committed fraud by lying about their experience on a CV or application for employment, but there is an easy way for you to catch these dishonest applicants early in the recruitment process. An accurate background employment check can help confirm if the information translates in real life.

With so many candidates admitting they’ve done this, catching these cheats early on greatly simplifies things for everyone. You won’t be wasting your resources interviewing someone unqualified when there are better candidates available. They also help to avoid fraudulent hires and protect organisations from potential lawsuits.


Executive Position Screening Process

Company directors are in charge of managing the daily operations, but they don’t know everything. Understanding their background can help you build positive relationships with them — while also helping to spot potential problems before it’s too late!

When you’re looking for a director, it’s important to make sure they are eligible and have the relevant qualifications. We can review their current and previous appointments and determine if there is anything against them that would prevent them from being appointed. Having comprehensive company credit information alongside their checks can give you peace of mind when deciding who should be given this important position in your organisation.

Nanny Background Check Service

It’s essential to secure the safety and security of your family when you hire a nanny. By doing a thorough search, you can find someone who has a clean criminal record and is compatible with your child. Some common factors to look for in a nanny include criminal record, driving records, and immigration status. Control who has access to your family by conducting a background check on the nanny applicants.

Online Dating Checks (Safety First)

Online dating can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to stay safe and secure, taking into account the amount of fake information that can be shared. That’s why it’s always best to do a background check on your potential partner to ensure there is full disclosure of all information held as a secret that could be damaging to your relationship. 

You may be tempted to try various websites and services that offer background checks, but you need to remember that choosing the right PI detective will be more effective and save you a lot of time. 

Once you have selected a provider and set up a consultation, make sure to disclose all the information needed to complete the search properly. Remember to provide clear instructions, and make sure you understand what you’re getting out of this. Although the process can be time-consuming, having an investigator run a private background check is the responsible thing to do. You’ll feel better knowing that nobody suspicious is becoming part of your life.

Additionally, for mortgage companies and financial services, we can look into cuctomers and provide fair credit reporting, conviction records, court records, and driving records. We’ll provide a full consumer breakdown giving you a comprehensive background screening record.

Make data-driven decisions to support your business and personal life. Call us today on 0800 043 1754 for more information on our comprehensive PI Service. 

UK Private Investigators: Expert & Affordable Background & Criminal Record Check

Background checks are an important part of the hiring process for any employer. By conducting a criminal record check or report on potential employees, you can ensure that the candidate you are hiring has the right qualifications and is a safe fit for your company. In addition to employee screening checks, individuals can also benefit from our online dating background checks and background checks for nannies and caregivers. 

At UK Private Investigators, we offer customers 20+ years of experience collecting evidence to support cases, promptly getting you all the details you need, and providing access to a secure background-checking service. Our award-winning team will provide you with high-quality, honest, and transparent PI services. On top of that, our efficient private eye services are available to anyone at a cost-effective rate.

When you are ready for a background check from a private investigator contact us to discuss your precise requirements.

Check out our blog for more information on what a background check is, the different types available, and what to expect from one.


Commonly Asked Questions

Background checks can be a daunting task, but it’s important to know what to expect. Be prepared for the results to be detailed and extensive. Depending on the type of checks you’re running you may query about criminal records, credit reports, etc. In some cases, the background check may even include a personal interview. 

If all goes well and there’s nothing unsatisfactory to the company on your check, you’ll receive an update on your job application status within days – sometimes even hours! This important step could mean the difference between getting and not getting the job you want.

There are various things that can disqualify you from a background check. 

  • You have an extensive criminal history.
  • You lied on your resume.
  • Your credit history is poor.
  • Your driving record revealed issues.
  • A previous employer gave you a bad review.

A background check may access your identity verification, employment verification, credit history, driver’s history, criminal records, education confirmation, and more.

The background check is just a credit and criminal record check. Major criminal findings that will disqualify a candidate are felonies or crimes involving ethics/dishonesty, theft, embezzlement, etc. 

Most employers will run some form of background check on their new staff at any stage of the recruitment process.  Depending on the type of employment, they may be more rigorous than others, so it is important that any job candidate declare any trace of unspent convictions, court cases or bankruptcies on the application.

There are various types of background checks that can be performed: 

1. A credit history check will show if you have defaulted on payments in the past or had an account closed for nonpayment.

2. Employee background checks look into your employer history, including education, work experience, drug tests and more. 

3. A criminal background check can reveal any recent arrests, court appearances, and other potential legal issues. 

4. Religious background checks can check if you have ever been affiliated with a particular religion or have any religious convictions that might conflict with the company’s values. 

5. Immigration and citizenship status checks can verify if you are eligible to work in the country you are applying to.

Background check investigations can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks for the process to be completed properly. It is important to keep in mind that each investigation has its own set of requirements and time frames that must be followed in order for it to be considered valid. 

There are three types of background check investigations that an organisation may need to do: criminal investigation, national security investigation, and employment verification. 

Criminal investigations are conducted to determine information held regarding criminal history and if the individual should be able to possess a firearm or explosives. National security investigations assess the level of threat posed by the individual and if they should be allowed access to classified information. Employment verification investigations are used to verify the identity and employment eligibility of an individual.

Organisations need to ensure that they’re making the right decision when they hire a new employee. Unknown criminal activity puts you and your business at risk from a broad range of activities that you may not desire. Support your hiring decision with comprehensive background checks.

A background check can also help you protect yourself and those you care about from danger. It can also help you get a better understanding of the person you’re hiring, ensuring that you make the right decision for your business. Once you have chosen the type of background check you require, the rest is straightforward. 

The problem with many apparently “free” background checks is that they rely on simply gathering information from public records — they are essentially just searching the internet for that person and any information which appears. You will not generate any meaningful information from these companies that you cannot get yourself. It’s always best to check with a background investigator if you need more specific and relevant details. 


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