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Please complete as much of the form as possible. If you do not have certain elements, please simply enter N/A. Do not complete this form on behalf of someone else unless they have agreed to be responsible for the fee that will become payable. If you would like us to trace a person for you, please use this form – the fee will be £120.00, payable only once we confirm that we have been successful. The report will be available within 24 hrs. THIS IS NOT A FREE SERVICE. YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO USE OUR SERVICES. ALL fees are due within 7 days of completion.

Trace Instruction Form

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This instruction constitutes an agreement between UK Private Investigators and the client as named. By entering my name below, I agree to instruct UK Private Investigators on a no trace, no fee basis and upon confirmation of a successful trace, I agree to pay UK Private Investigators the fee as quoted within seven days of completion and before I receive the report.

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