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Arranged Marriages

Investigating Prospective Partners

It is important to pick the right agency to perform your arranged marriage investigation. We work in a discreet, subtle and ethical manner to offer you the highest quality of service.

Our Arranged Marriage Investigation service is one of our more commonly requested services and we work in conjunction with our International Agents based in the Far East, Asia, India, Pakistan and Russia. This service can also be tailored to include The UK and many other countries.

We’re here for you

Help In Your Arranged Marriage

We know that it can be a unnerving experience using detectives to investigate prospective partners which is why we offer a personal service to handle the situation with the delicacy it deserves.

Ultimately, our investigators are here to help. It is always best when you have concerns to listen to your gut and get a definitive answer to remove any of those niggling doubts before the marriage takes place.

Peace Of Mind

We understand that marriage is a huge, lifelong commitment which is why ensuring that you have chosen the right person is the most important decision your family will ever make.

Our marriage detectives will ensure that you know exactly who you are inviting into your family.

Complete Background Check On Your Partner

Our private detectives will complete a full background check on the potential spouse to verify any details they may have told you or your family. Furthermore, we have agents across the world, which means that every single detail requested, can be thoroughly verified.

The investigators can also place the person under very discreet surveillance. Do they drink? Do they gamble? Do they flirt with others while you are not around? We have even had cases where the prospective partner has been caught using prostitutes!

Detailed Reporting By Your Marriage Detective

At the end of our investigation, you will be presented with an extremely detailed report, which will enable you to make an informed decision based on FACT, not just the information they have told you. You can then decide whether to welcome the prospective partner into your family or cancel the marriage.