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Running a business is a stressful role and handling employees is a big responsibility for any business owner. It is important to you and your customers or clients that the staff you take on are completely trustworthy, reliable and honest about who they are. Whilst many employers do undertake basic background checks for employment themselves, there is only so much information you can uncover using tools available for public use. Here at UKPI, our team of private investigators have access to a wealth of deeper information about people, can help you find out any details in the history of your staff and employees to help you make the right decisions for running your business.

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With over twenty years’ experience in the commercial and private sectors, we know that every business and employee is different. Whether you want to investigate staff members in or outside of the work environment, UK Private Investigators can provide you with the best service, with confidentiality and discretion guaranteed.

We’ll put you back in control of the facts, allowing you to make informed and sensible decisions.

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BENEFITS of working with UK Private Investigators

Business clients who choose our background checks for employment benefit from our:

  • Extremely high ethical standards – We always maintain the very highest ethical standards when conducting all investigations. We ensure that our clients’ reputation remains intact at all times.
  • A fully worldwide network – Our worldwide reach, multiple language skills and first-hand knowledge of local laws and practices has allowed us to work on some of the largest international investigations in the most complex environments.
  • Responsiveness – We appreciate the need to action a case quickly and can mobilise our highly experienced teams at very short notice, keeping our clients regularly informed on progress.


Lots of employers undertake basic employment background checks on their staff prior to welcoming them to their business. Whether that is basic criminal record checks, finding out about past career moves or simply just checking they have the rights to live and work in the UK, most employees are aware that certain checks take place. What makes a private investigators searches different is that we can access a far greater amount of information to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Our team are highly skilled in a wide range of investigatory techniques, from covert surveillance through to detailed background checks, data retrieval and evidence gathering. We have the tools to provide you with as much information as you require about the employee(s) in question. We can investigate your staff either within your work environment or outside, or even both depending on your concerns and information required. Our background checks for employment can show you a true picture of your staff from every angle.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • You have an extensive criminal history. ...
    • You lied on your resume. ...
    • Your credit history is poor. ...
    • Your driving record revealed issues. ...
    • A previous employer gave you a bad review

    There are various things that can disqualify you from a background check. Extensive criminal history, false claims on your resume, poor credit history, poor previous employer review or even driving-related issues.

  • Generally speaking, a background check may show identity verification, employment verification, credit history, driver's history, criminal records, education confirmation, and more

  • The background check is just credit and criminal history. The only big things from a criminal perspective that will disqualify you are felonies or crimes involving ethics/dishonesty, theft, embezzlement, etc. 



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We have one of the largest and most prolific network of agents ready to take your case and to find the truth.

ALL of our services are not only highly discreet but our private investigation work is carried out to the highest standard seen in the industry.

UK Private Investigators are able to supply 100% irrefutable evidence where necessary to help you prove your case.

Professional and approachable investigatory teams at affordable prices - a 98% overall success rate globally.

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