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On meeting an individual, whether for work or pleasure, you have no source of information about them and depending on the conversation, they will of course choose what to tell you. Conduct a background check today with UKPI to find out if the person you have met is as honest as they seem.

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A detailed background check conducted by UK Private Investigators will provide you with a wealth of accurate information about anyone in The UK or overseas.

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Background checks in the UK are becoming increasingly popular amongst the public and throughout the last decade. The valuable information that is gleaned from these checks are starting to hold true to organisations and individuals who now see its true worth. Whether these searches are conducted for personal or corporate reasons, they ultimately allow the user to make smarter, better and informed decisions on a broad range of subjects. With the addition of fraud on the rise, it also allows for increased security for individuals who operate in business, education or government within the UK.

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Advanced Background Checks

It’s an unavoidable truth: on first meeting an individual, you have no source of information about them other than what they choose to tell you. This holds true for potential business partners, tenants, life partners, company employees, and those employed in particularly sensitive positions such as housekeepers and care providers for the young and elderly.

Our detailed background checks provide you with all the information you require to take an informed decision on your situation.  Whether you are looking to recruit new staff and need employment screening checks, or perhaps you have entered into a new relationship but are suspicious of a past criminal record, we can help you to uncover the truth behind any person.  We operate throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, so it does not matter where the subject is currently living, or has resided in the past.

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Detailed Background Checks

As our name proudly states, we are fully qualified private investigators based in The UK. With nearly two decades of experience in the business, we are not only highly skilled but also well respected by law enforcement, government agencies and other sectors that posses the most accurate information on individuals and organisations.

We are certain to be able to get you the information you require with our background checks. This ranges from criminal activity (criminal background) to background screening, employment screening and many more.

For organisations, it is important to ensure that you are making the right decision when it comes to hiring a new employee. By not conducting a background screening check or determining if a new employee has any criminal activity on their file puts you and your business at risk from a broad range of activities that you may not desire. Best to take a look at your own Privacy Policy. Likewise, for mortgage companies and financial services, we can provide fair credit reporting, conviction records, court records, driving records in order to provide a full breakdown of your consumers to give you a full background screening record.

We have two levels of Background Check available.

Standard Background Check

Our Standard Background Check will consist of the following:

Current address and telephone number.
Recent address history.
Date of Birth.
Births related to the person.
Property Ownership.
Estimated property values.
Bankruptcies and County Court Judgments.
Relatives information.
Roommates and neighbours.
Employment history.
Personal Assets, where possible.
Businesses live and failed.

Enhanced Background Check

This option includes the above. In addition, we provide the following checks:

Press, media and internet history.
Previous address and linked address searches.
Professional capabilities.
International sanctions list checks.
Reported criminal activity.

Obviously you can add ANYTHING else to the list (enhanced background check only) when you instruct us to proceed and these additional checks will be FREE of CHARGE unless advised otherwise.

Background checks can be utilised to obtain a broad range of information from an individual. Whether it’s use for financial services, court records, arrest records or require that extra peace of mind that the person who you’re dealing with is the right one, then contact us today.

Background Checks UK

Our background checks are more than a simple people search.  Unlike an online database search company, which may just rely on the information held in public records, we can zero in on and provide additional information on any aspect you choose due to our advanced consumer reporting systems. For example, our criminal check can not only inform you of whether an individual was charged: we can tell you where, when, whether he or she was convicted and in many cases the actual details of the incident. Furthermore, you may want to find out driving records, conviction records, credit reporting and determine if there’s been any fair credit disputes.

Similarly, when providing tenant history via our people search system, we can delve into red-flag events such as evictions and financial services information. Information on an individual’s or organisation’s credit history within the UK is often sufficient, but if you require a worldwide check we have the means to do so.

Online Background Checks

With the advent of the internet, there has been an explosion of services offering background checks. However, the majority of these are nothing more than unqualified individuals performing simple public records database searches. These databases are available to anyone with a bit of know-how — for the simple reason that the majority of them do not contain secure information that is carefully maintained and regularly verified. After paying for one of these inferior services you may well receive outdated or completely falsified information.  It is essentially nothing more than a quick search on an internet search engine.

The combination of our expertise and resources available to us allows us to perform the UK’s most detailed and up-to-date background checks.  We can get into the more difficult to access parts of a person’s history, uncovering every single aspect of their past which may usually remain concealed.

How Background Checks Work

At UK Private Investigators, our main concerns are comprehensive, accurate background checks and your complete satisfaction. We work on the timeline that you request, and once a deadline is agreed upon, we guarantee that it will be met — the vast majority of our cases are reported within 24-48 hours. A personally assigned private investigator will discuss the requirements of your background check beforehand, and at the investigation’s completion we provide a detailed report that includes the sources of the information and, whenever possible, documentary evidence to substantiate the data.

As we do not simply search online and in public records to gather our evidence and data, we take take to ensure we fully investigate any areas you are particularly interested in, from criminal records, to employment history, to court appearances and any financial history such as bankruptcies and insolvencies which may be hidden through the years.  Our extensive background checks are so much more than a simple people search!

Background Checks FAQ

Why not choose a Free Online Check company?

The problem with many apparently “free” background checks is that they rely on simply gathering information from the public records – they are essentially just searching the internet for that person and any information which appears.  You will not generate any meaningful information from these companies which you cannot get yourself.

What do they look for in a background check?

The most common reason for a background check is for employment purposes – for these sorts of searches, we look for basic information such as credit history, some medical records, any previous bankruptcies, any past military service and criminal history.  We also verify any pervious employment and salaries to check the CV has been telling the truth!

Do I have to have a background check for employment?

Most employers will run some form of background check on their new staff – this could be pre interview or afterwards before they offer a job.  Depending on the type of employment, they may be more rigorous than others, so it important that you declare any trace of criminal convictions, court cases or bankruptcies on your application!

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