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It can be extremely valuable to a business to investigate an absent employee, especially if you suspect something isn’t quite right.

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Investigating Absent Employees

Illness and emergencies are unfortunate realities, and in such situations employees are encouraged to address them and take the necessary sick leave as nothing is more important than an individual’s well being. However, fraudulent employee absence is also a reality, and it is one that can have severe negative effects on the efficiency of an organisation due to lost work hours and morale of co-workers.  It can be highly valuable to investigate an absent employee, especially if you suspect something is amiss.


Fraudulant Employee Absences

Employees who engage in such deception have often done so for quite a while, and as a result, it can be difficult to discern whether their absences are legitimate or not. This is where skilled private investigators such as ours can be invaluable: planning a discreet and effective course of action and then executing it in order to identify illegitimate absences and nip them in the bud.

Confirm Your Suspicions

For various reasons it is a bad idea to accuse an employee of lying about their illness or reasons for absence without proof. However, through years of experience, it is likely that when an employer’s suspicions are strong enough to warrant action there is some foundation to them. When we investigate an absent employee, our investigators provide both the evidence necessary to deal with an employee’s deception and protection from finding yourself in an unfavourable or actionable position.

Discreet Employee Investigation

Our Private Investigators will first talk with you about the employee’s general history to establish any patterns and to create a plan of action. After this our investigators will begin their inquiry acting with the utmost discretion. We understand that it is imperative that neither the employee nor any other party is aware of the investigation to preserve your relationship should the absence prove to be legitimate and to protect you from liability, legal or otherwise.

Detailed Reporting By Your Private Detective

In all cases, we will provide a full report of our findings and photographic/video evidence. Should a fraudulent claim by the employee be discovered, you will have the hard evidence necessary for dismissal.

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