Pre-Marital Investigations

Do you need to know the background of someone before they marry you or marry into your family?

A commonly requested service, we carry out specialist pre-marital investigations globally.

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Conduct a Background Check

Are they who they say they are?

Arranged Marriage Investigations

Find out who they really are

Dating Site Scams

Are they who they claim to be?

We’re specialists in

Investigating Prospective Partners

As one of our more commonly requested services, we carry out a specialist service in conjunction with our International Agents based in the Far East, Asia, India and Russia. This service can also be tailored to include The UK and many other countries.

We can complete a full Pre-Marital Investigation on your new boyfriend/girlfriend to verify any details they may have told you.

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Personalised Pre-Marital Investigations

We provide a personal service as we are aware that this is a situation that needs to be handled with the utmost delicacy.

The Private Investigator assigned to your case will handle it with the care it deserves and the utmost discretion as they investigate the background of your potential new spouse/family member.

Pre-Wedding Private Investigation

Is the person really who they say they are? Perhaps they are just interested in obtaining money, a visa and a brand new lifestyle?

We can complete Pre-Marital Investigations for your peace of mind.

Our Pre-Marital Investigations Ensure You Have All The Facts

Sometimes certain pressures will cause an individual to make a life changing decision without being in possession of the facts.

With Pre-Marital investigations being one of our specialities, we understand the many cultural issues surrounding arranged marriages and also the honour based restrictions, however that does not mean you should not have the facts before making a lifelong commitment that is expected of you.

Detailed Reporting By Your Marriage Detective

Sadly, many people only find out the facts AFTER they have married. Then its too late and the heartbreak starts.

We will provide you with a very detailed Pre-Marital Investigations report on their activities, education and prior history. With this service, you will be able to verify as either fact or fiction anything and everything they have told you, even if it was told to you over the phone or online via the internet.

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