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As one of the leading detective agencies in Manchester, we specialise in getting you the answers you need.

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Don’t be fooled by an online fraudster via dating site scams.

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Manchester Detective Agency You Can Trust

As one of the leading detective agencies, we specialise in getting you the answers you need. There are many times, whether personal or professional, when you need to know the truth from an honest and non-biased source. As specialist private investigators in Manchester, this is where we can help.

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Personalised Investigations in Manchester

We are experts in finding out the truth, giving you the evidence and proof you need to move forward, or to simple sleep at night with a worry-free mind. So, if there’s something you need to know and can’t find out for yourself, we can help!

Finding People Around Manchester

Private investigators aren’t just for big businesses. If you’re having trust issues in your personal life, our investigators can help. Do you, for example, think your partner or spouse might be cheating on you? Thanks to our experience in the field, as well as our local knowledge, we can find out whether this is true or not.

Likewise, we can help track down old friends or family. When people change names and addresses, it can be very difficult to find someone. Of course, if you turn to our Manchester investigation agency, it’s not impossible. We can use whatever information you have to find where someone may currently be, helping you to re-establish contact.

Detective Services for Manchester Businesses

Similarly, private investigators are always useful when professional and financial matters are involved. If you’re looking to make an investment – whether its with another individual or another company – we can help.

Sometimes, for instance, an offer can simply be too good to be true. Perhaps your potential partner is making false promises to gain your trust and financial assets? Our investigators can find out any hidden background details, or even if their own financial portfolio is what it claims to be.

Our ability to track people down can even be used within your own business. Do you have staff, for example, that are taking excessive time off, or claiming injury? Our agency can help determine whether this is true or not, letting you know which members of staff are honest and which are a liability looking to drain you of financial resources.

Professional Manchester Detective Agency

Of all the detective and investigation agencies out there, not many have the scope and expertise that we do. Thanks to our wide range of agents, we are able to operate on a wider, national scale, as well as using our local investigators in Manchester itself. This means we can always get our experts on-site when required.

Likewise, we only hire specialised and dedicated individuals, all of which are highly certified. As a result, we are an agency you can trust to get the task done. No matter how big or small, your issues are important to us and we are here to help uncover the truth!