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Here at UK Private Investigator we are the leading providers of a number of highly sought-after skills throughout the United Kingdom. While we have connections and operations throughout the British Isles, we have made a reputation for ourselves as London’s premiere private investigator agency.

In England’s capital city there is untold vice, sin and deception. We work tirelessly for our clients in London to ensure that their private investigator needs are met, no matter the nature of their enquiry. We pride ourselves on being affordable, confidential and thorough for our clients in London and further afield.

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Private Investigation Services in London

Detective Agency Services provided by UKPI in London…

Catch a Cheating Partner

If you suspect your partner is up to no good, find out with concrete evidence!

Arranged Marriages

Arranged Marriages

Check the person you are due to wed is the right person for your family.

Discreet Surveillance

Discreet Surveillance

Our covert cameras can gather the evidence you need to prove your case.

Data Retrieval

Data Retieval

Find that evidence through lost text messages, deleted files or internet history.

Background Checks

Background Checks

Find out if that person is really who they say they are; are they hiding anything from their past?

Tracing Debtors

Tracing Debtors

Get the money which is owed to you with our trained investigators with you all the way.

Insurance Claim Investigations

Insurance Claim Investigations

We can help stop scam insurance claims from ruining your reputation.

Trace Missing Persons

Tracing People

Find a long lost relative or a missing person with our surveillance and tracking skills.

We provide many other investigation services. Get in touch with us.

What Services Do We Offer?

When our London clients sign up to our private investigation services we ensure that they are fully aware of our services; what they can expect, what will happen, the potential time frames involved and much more. Before you get in touch with us, it can help to read through the services we offer and familiarise yourself with them. Don’t worry if you can’t, though, our team will still be happy to take your call.

Cheating Partners in London

Catch a cheating partner – evidence & proof provided…

One of the most common private investigator requests from our clients in London is with regards to potentially cheating partners. The worst aspect of this situation for many of clients is being unsure and not knowing about any potential infidelity. Our private investigation services aim to lift the veil and remove any doubts surrounding your relationship and, hopefully, prove their innocence. Their work will be discreet and, one way or another, they will provide you with irrefutable evidence to help you move on or confront the situation in the best way you see fit.

Background Checks in London

Background checks available online…

When you arrange for a background check from our private investigators in London you will get, when available, a criminal records/background check, marriage and divorce records, lawsuits, any bankruptcies, property records, an address search, phone numbers, relatives, neighbours and massive variety of other details. Our London clients looking for private investigator support find this service incredibly useful for a number of reasons.

Surveillance Services in London

Discreet surveillance services in London…

Surveillance services are a common request from our clients throughout the United Kingdom, and internationally. This is often in relation to a partner (which we discuss in the next section), but can be about a business associate who you perhaps suspect of trying to defraud you or use your business secrets in another venture. Perhaps someone you care about, a friend or relative, is starting a habit which might be illegal or cause them harm? Our expert surveillance services, accompanied by our brilliant team, can get to the root of any potential situation for you.

Find an Address in London

Discreet surveillance services in London…

One of the simpler private investigation services we offer our clients in London is the ability to find addresses quickly and easily. Do you perhaps need to find the address of someone who owes you money? Perhaps an old friend who you have lost touch with over the years? Maybe a relative has fallen off the grid, or you’re looking for a missing person? Our people tracing and tracking services are unrivalled in the industry and will provide you with the address you are looking for within 24 hours. We can begin this work with just the person’s full name, but occasionally will require a little bit more information.

If any of these services sound appealing to you, or suit your needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.


If you have seen and read enough and would like to get in touch with our team today there are a few ways you can make your enquiry and begin your private investigation process. First of all, you can chat with our staff via the button in the bottom right hand corner or, if they are not immediately available, leaver a message and they will be in touch momentarily.

If you’d prefer to phone us, you can do on 0800 0431 754, or email us directly on We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We will ensure that your enquiry is dealt with as soon as possible, and that your case is resolved quickly to give you the exact information and piece of mind that you need to carry on with your life.

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