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Get the information you require on a potential future acquisition with international due diligence investigations.

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International Due Diligence

As a matter of procedure any new clients should be thoroughly checked to safeguard against fraudulent activity and possible money-laundering scams. It is common knowledge these days that there are many companies portraying to be and do one thing whilst actually being something else. Millions of pounds each year are being lost on VAT issues and other activities with the proceeds funding terrorist and crime organisations across the Globe.

We can help you protect your company with our

International Due Diligence Service

UK Private Investigators‘ International Due Diligence saves clients millions of pounds by identifying or confirming information about individuals, companies and their principals. As a result, business relationships, corporate assets and company reputations are protected.

It is the responsibility of Company Directors to have Due Diligence checks in place at all times.

Discreet Due Diligence Service

Our specialists can discreetly visit the target company on your behalf and formulate an in-depth report which is then forwarded to you upon completion.

All credentials are checked and verified from Company data through to Directorships and disqualifications.

Protect Your Company

Do not become a victim. The bad press that your company could receive may be enough to embarrass you and deny you any further business activity.

Everybody knows that bad press is detrimental to even the hardiest of companies with a long standing reputation of goodwill.