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Edinburgh Detective Agency

When you need a private investigator, it helps to have someone who can operate on both a national and local scale. Because of this, finding the right private investigators in Edinburgh is a vital factor. There are many situations where you simply need to know something, whether its to do with your personal life, an employee or getting knowledge ahead of important decisions.

As the name implies, we are a private investigation agency. We have agents located around the UK, with numerous highly skilled investigators in Edinburgh as well. When you get in touch with us, we listen to your current problem and situation, taking in all of the information that you choose to share with us.

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Investigation Services in Edinburgh

We then use various means to uncover the answers that you wish to find. Sometimes, we can use our extensive knowledge of public records and other sources of information, such as when you need to locate someone that has disappeared.

In other situations, our expert investigators can hit the streets and find out what you need to know. While this can include researching specific individuals, everything we do is conducted in a safe and ethical manner. Yet it is our local knowledge of the Edinburgh area that will allow us to get the best results, as we know exactly where to start looking.

Collecting Evidence in Edinburgh

When you are worried about rumours or doubts – whether its over a possible cheating partner, for example, or an upcoming business investment – it helps to have a definite idea of the situation. Better yet, actual evidence can go a great way to putting your mind at rest.

We understand this, which is why our Edinburgh private investigators and detectives will obtain the evidence you need through surveillance techniques – this evidence can prove highly useful in whatever direction you choose to go after our investigation.

Detectives for Businesses in Edinburgh

There are many times when private investigators can help your business in Edinburgh. We can form an important part of your due diligence, as we can uncover the information that your potential customers or business partners may be withholding from you.

We can determine if someone has the assets they claim to have, if their business is legitimate or if any other claims they might make are true or false. This can help you make the best decision before you sign any contracts or make any firm commitments – this is exactly what we specialise in. We offer competitive prices that allow us to be affordable and effective.

Tracing and Finding Edinburgh People

Our private investigator Edinburgh team are highly trained in both commercial and personal cases. We offer a range of quality services from missing people tracking to proof of cohabiting. We provide all of our private investigations with the promise of privacy and discretion, meaning you can hire us with peace of mind. Call or email us today to find out more.

Finally, there are many times when people can disappear and your traditional contact methods no longer work. Whether it’s a lost relative, business partner or someone who owes you money, there are few means to reach these people. This is where our investigative talents come into play. Whether they’re still in Edinburgh, or further afield, we have the network and skills to let you know where they are hiding out. Contact our private investigator Edinburgh office, by call or email, today so we can offer our support.

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