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Need help in finding someones address? Perhaps need circumstantial evidence that a partner is cheating? We can help.

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Arranged Marriages

Who exactly is marrying into your family?

Insurance Claim Investigations

Proof of fraudulent insurance claims

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We’ll track even the hardest to find.

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Birmingham Private Investigation Services

Private Investigation services from UKPI have recorded some of the highest success rates throughout the last decade in finding someones address to catching a cheating partner (with evidence provided) to tracking devices. We have worked with thousands of individuals across the Birmingham, West Midlands area in places such as Solihull, Wolverhampton, Sutton Coldfield and many more areas, conducting and carrying out private detective services for our clients.

It is our job to be provide a cost effective and affordable investigation service for your requirements. With decades worth of experience we have dealing with individual and business cases, you can place your trust and rely on us to deliver the information you’re after. Our vehicle tracking methods can help provide you with evidence you require via our private investigation Birmingham team.

Our expertise in investigative services, whether they are criminal law, corporate or personal related, offer our clients with fast results every time. We operate all across the UK including at a location near you, ready to provide you with comprehensive support. As a firm we don’t just work with large corporate companies, if you requires personal investigative services, we are more than happy to take you on as a client and support you.

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Birmingham Detectives You Can Rely On

When it comes to finding the right private investigators in Birmingham, you need an agency you can trust completely. When trying to find the truth behind any circumstance, you need specialists that  conduct themselves in a discreet, subtle and ethical manner.

We are the biggest and most experienced Birmingham private investigation agencies. We treat every case with complete care and respect. If it is important to you, then you can trust us to carry out our investigations fully and properly.

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Friendly Investigation in Birmingham

We understand that it can be quite daunting to contact a private investigator here in Birmingham, especially if you haven’t done so before! Here’s what we offer and how our investigative talents can help you in a variety of difficult situations.

In short, as private investigators in Birmingham, we offer the truth to any situation. When you have doubts, it’s best to listen to your gut and get a solid, tangible answer. That’s exactly what we do, so do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Vehicle Tracking & Hard Evidence

When you are worried about rumours or  have doubts – whether its over a possible cheating partner, for example, or a potential business investment – it helps to have a definite idea of the situation. Better yet, real evidence can go a long way to putting your mind at rest.

We understand this, which is why our Birmingham private investigators and detectives will obtain the full evidence you need – this evidence can prove highly useful in whatever direction you choose to go after our investigation.

Detective Agency Fees & Services

As a professional detective agency, we can cover a wide area. While you might be busy with life, work and other commitments, we have the time, energy and resources to get to the bottom of your case.

Our agents operate across Birmingham and, of course, we have a wider network as well. This means nothing is out of our reach and we will use all of our resources to get the truth. We can use our extensive local knowledge, in addition to paper trails and other informative leads, to uncover whatever it is you need to know.

Missing Persons Investigator

A common request we also fulfil is tracking down people that are hard to find. There are many reasons why this might be useful. For example, when someone owes you money, it’s very easy to leave a complex trail that the legal process won’t be able to track, but our investigative talents can easily find where they are hiding.

Similarly, we can determine if someone you meet online is really who they claim to be, or if a possible business partner does indeed, own the business he or she claims to own. In all of these cases, we can trace people to their current address and businesses, so you can know exactly who you are dealing with.

Private Investigator FAQs

What Does A Private Investigator Do & Where Can I Find One?

A private investigator is a law-abiding job of gathering information on something, a lot of private investigators are hired out on the suspicion of a cheating partner. P.Is are an easy way to get solid proof of a claim you’re making, if it’s true we’ll find it. Our P.Is can help you find the answers you are looking for whilst keeping full discretion. We work throughout Birmingham with full coverage, this allows us to have connections all around the city to provide us with helpful information for our cases.

How Much Does It Cost For A Private Investigator in Birmingham?

The details of your requirements can alter the price, the amount of starting information can alter the price and the reason for the investigation can also alter the price. For us to understand exactly what you are looking to get out of our Birmingham P.I service, we suggest contacting us to get an accurate quote on the services you require.

How Can I Speak To One Of The Agents For Birmingham?

We have a free UK number on 08000431754, where you will be able to have free private consultation where you can speak to our Birmingham team for us to get a better understanding of what requirements you need met. Doing this gives you the chance to explain more of the background and allows us to figure out exactly what is it that you need help with, with this we can establish what services we can provide.

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