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If you're in Leicester, Leicestershire and are looking for a comprehensive range of private investigation services, look no further than UK Private Investigators. We have become the top agency in this area due to our find a person services as well as our network of agents operating both locally and internationally. Rest assured that we have the skills and experience necessary to uncover the truth in any situation. We can help you find someone from your family, trace someone who owes money, or gather evidence to support your suspicions. We are experts in investment fraud investigations, online dating checks and missing persons investigations.

Background Checks

Do you need to know who someone really is? Our In-Depth Background Check Investigations WILL provide you with a wealth of information.

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100% Confidential

Catch a Cheating Partner

Services Starting from £25.00

Background Check Services


We have a vast network of private investigators working for us all around the world, providing the finest Private Investigator services in the United Kingdom. Our Leicester team is ready to take your call and get started on your case. We are dedicated to offering our clients with the most efficient and discreet service possible, as well as trustworthy assistance in their search.

Because we work with agents in all regions, our experts are readily accessible in your neighbourhood to assist you. With their vast understanding of Leicestershire and the towns and villages within, we are certain that our staff can get to the bottom of your situation quickly.

Our Leicestershire-based clients regularly tell us how pleased they are with our Private Investigator services. We're confident that our excellent track record will reassure you of the high quality we offer.

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Licensed Private Investigators

Find a Person

Use our services to find a person that you can't on your own

Tracing Debtors

Locate debtors with our specialist debt tracing agents

Relationship Investigatons

Verify your partner's loyalty with our relationship investigation service

Discreet Surveillance

Investigate with stealth - we are discreet in our surveillance and investigations

Due Diligence

We take reasonable steps to ensure you avoid committing any offense.

Process Serving

Experienced & efficient fixed price process servers

Background Checks

Our expert background checks can protect your interests

Dating Site Scams

Take steps to protect yourself against romance scams

Insurance Claim Investigations

Fraudulent insurance claims are a growing problem throughout the UK

Data Retrieval

Get important information that could help you, but isn't accessible to you

Pre-Marital Investigations

Be sure you know who you are marrying before you make such a big commitment

Many Other Services

We offer many other services from our expert private investigators


We understand that the decision to use a private investigator is not one you take lightly. It can be daunting, especially when you are trying to find answers in a difficult situation! Part of the issue for many people is knowing what to expect. Here at UK Private Investigators, we like to make it simple for you, the client. We will help you understand the process and reasoning behind everything we do from catching a cheating partner to being able to find a persons address. Our fast service and discretion is something we are proud of, making us one of the best investigation agencies in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Yes, it is legal to hire a private investigator, but why you want to hire one and how the investigation is conducted will decide whether or not there are illegalities involved. Any private investigator or private detective with a moral compass will not engage in illegal investigations.

  • We can access a number of public records that are not readily accessible to the public, we have also built up a network of contacts across the country which allows us to gather nationwide information easily.

  • After the initial consultation, which can take place via email, face to face or telephone, we will ask you to complete a short form. There are certain details that we need in order to be able to find the person for you. Once we have received the form, our specialist tracers get to work and within a few hours, will contact you to let you know that they have found the person.

  • A private investigator is both experienced and well-versed with the ability to acquire hard-to-get information fast and efficiently. This can be useful in many circumstances such as background checks on your work staff, confirm suspicion of a cheating partner and many others.



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